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MAKESafe Tools is a safety device company. We create functional safety devices for use in the manufacturing industry. We do this by studying the user experience of industrial equipment operators and safety managers then developing devices to mitigate risk, increase production efficiency, and improve operator satisfaction.


Our vision is to create a world culture where shop safety is not a burden, a choice, or a financial liability, but a desirable user-centered experience.



MAKESafe Tools was founded by Scott Swaaley, an electrical engineer and educator with a background in Design Thinking, Tool Training, and various engineering disciplines.


While the MAKESafe Power Tool Brake was developed for small to mid-size manufacturing facilities, it is also a must-have safety product for small shops and Makerspaces.


MAKESafe Tools was founded and still operates in Redwood City, CA - in the heart of Silicon Valley.


MAKESafe Tools is a Delaware C-Corporation and was bootstrapped by the founder and expects to seek capital for additional product offerings in 2019.


Please contact the founder directly.

Scott Swaaley, Founder

(415) 937-1808