Who is this device meant for?

The power tool brake is intended to mitigate occupational safety and health risks in home shops, educational shops, and industrial manufacturing environments. Multiple models are available and features of each model can be found on our specifications page.

What does this device do?

MAKESafe Tools’ Power Tool Brake can be plugged into band saws, grinders, and many other induction motor power tools, and has three primary functions. First, it actively brakes your tool to prevent dangerous tool coasting. Second, it prevents accidental startup of your tool if power is lost. Third, it has an emergency stop to allow you to quickly stop the machine in the case of an emergency. For more details, check out our blog.

Is this device osha approved?

Check out our blog for detailed discussions on OSHA & ANSI requirements and standards. Short answer: OSHA cannot “approve” a device but our products do satisfy multiple OSHA and ANSI requirements.

is there a version for single phase 220 Volt tools?

A 220V compatible device will be released soon!

is there a version for POLY-PHASE and 480 volt tools?

Not currently but if you have a need for one, please contact us!

Will this device damage my motor?

No. This device delivers an amount of power during braking equivalent to the typical startup power of the motor. It simply provides regulated DC current instead of AC current. As long as you follow the calibration instructions and stay within the recommended duty cycle, this device has no lasting effect on your motor.

What kinds of tools will this device brake?

This device will brake any AC Induction motor and can be used with most stationary power tools like band saws, bench grinders, disc sanders, table saws, etc. If you are wondering about a specific tool, please use our compatibility checklist (available in the manual) to confirm compatibility. If in doubt, please contact us and we can help.

Do I need to know anything about electricity?

Nope - this device is completely plug and play. No wiring or specific knowledge required. Our compatibility guide will help you to determine if this device is compatible with your tool and our instructions will guide you through the simple and one-time calibration process.

Any other questions?

Contact us! We'd love to hear from you!