Who is this device meant for?

While I expect that this device will serve multiple populations, it is targeted at makerspaces, school shops, garage hobbyists, and small commercial fabrication shops. It will work with any device that runs off of an AC induction motor so the applications are limitless!

What kinds of tools will this device brake?

This device will brake any AC Induction motor which means it will brake just about any stationary power tool. Band Saw, Bench Grinder, Disc Sander, Drum Sander, Table Saw, you name it! If in doubt, reach out and I can help.

Do I need to know anything about electricity?

Nope - this device is completely plug and play. No wiring or specific knowledge required. Provided instructions will guide you through the simple and one-time calibration process.

Will this device damage my power tool?

As long as you follow the calibration instructions, this device will not damage your tool. Unless, of course, you try to use it as a hammer or something.

Any other questions?

Contact me! I'd love to hear from you!