Power Tool Brake
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Making Tools Safer

Award winning educator (and electrical engineer) Scott Swaaley is proud to bring industrial-level safety to consumer-level shop tools. Does your disc sander, bench grinder, band saw, or lathe keep moving after you turn it off? This coasting phase can last as long as three minutes for home shop tools and leaves you in a sketchy situation. Do you wait patiently for your tool has come to complete stop (yeah right!). Chances are you either reach for your part with the tool still coasting, putting your fingers dangerously close to the action, or you jam a piece of waste stock into the sanding disc or blade to slow it down. Either way – this is dangerous territory. Most shop accidents occur on machines that the operator is very comfortable and experienced with. Instead, what if you could just press a button to make your tool stop in seconds?

Three Reasons to own a MAKESafe Power Tool Brake.

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An Effective Power Tool Brake

Take any stationary power tool (like a band saw, disc sander, or bench grinder) and bring it to a stop instantly. No more dangerous coasting or risk of accidental contact with a cutting surface.


A Universal Plug and Play Solution

There is no wiring and no alteration to your tool. This device will work with any tool that uses an AC Induction motor (that's basically any stationary power tool). You literally just plug it in and brake.


A Safe Start Device

This device also works to prevent accidental startup in the event of power failure or tool relocation and can be used to satisfy the following safety standards:

  • OSHA Electrical Controls for Wood Working Machinery
  • NFPA 79 – Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery
  • NEC 2014 430.43 Automatic Restarting

How It Works

This universal braking device operates on a principle called DC Injection. It is a principle that has existed in industrial settings for some time and is often used to brake high inertia industrial machines. Usually it requires extensive wiring, custom installations, and a completely separate system for it to work (a VFD). The MAKESafe Power Tool Brake is an innovation in DC Injection technology - you just plug it in to any stationary power tool and it works.


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